Logistics Solutions




Ax Solar Robot is part of the Reka Group, which develops and supplies trailers for transporting fluids and energy.

As such, real business synergies can be activated, resulting in the design of a trailer dedicated to supporting our customers’ solar cleaning robots. By offering them a mobile water storage platform, which includes all the equipment needed to operate our robotized solutions, power plant cleaning sites are made easier.

Forward view

Solutions logistiques - WATERPACK

Jusqu'à x2 robots WETSLIDER XL sur la remorque

Réservoir(s) d'eau, de 1000L à 3000L

Coffret électrique sur batterie 110Ah pour alimentation de la pompe de gavage (réseau BP)

Coffre de rangement sécurisé 100L


Remorque freinée à double essieux, conçue sur mesure avec cadre en acier galvanisé et fixations dédiées

Rear view

Solutions logistiques - WATERPACK

Jusqu’à x2 flexibles haute pression de 150 m sur enrouleurs dédiés

Système de déminéralisation - optionnel

Béquille stabilisatrice

Filtre à particules

Pompe à haute pression boulonnée sur le châssis: double sortie haute pression et vannes de purge associées, avec débitmètre/manomètre basse pression + manomètre haute pression



The Lifter is a logistics solution for handling our robots in ground-mounted solar power plants. Thanks to its tilting table, the Lifter enables the WetSlider or Rider to be moved from one row of solar panels to the next.

Its table can be tilted from 0° to 60°, and its deployment height of up to 3 m enables the robot to be positioned at any angle and at any height.

With its all-terrain capability and 8-hour autonomy, it’s the perfect tool for making jobs easier.

Solutions logistiques - Lifter
Solutions logistiques - Lifter



Transporteur électrique LIFTER

All-terrain lifting table with tilting platform on which the WETSLIDER robot is positioned to be moved to the next row (electric advance).

Electrically-operated frame tilting from 0° to 60°, to position/move the robot regardless of the angle of the trackers.

8 hrs autonomy in continuous operation.

Maximum height reachable = 3 m (for a 60° tilt of 2 m-long modules and a tracker pivot located at 2.2 m from the ground).