Cleaning solutions for ground-mounted 1P/1V tracker solar plants

WetSlider - PV cleaning robot

The best solution for water-based cleaning of solar panels in ground-mounted stations

Our robot is the result of several years of research and development. It has been developed with the latest technologies and innovative materials, which gives it optimal performance. Attentive to the constraints of use of operators of solar power plants, AX SOLAR ROBOT develops solutions for cleaning photovoltaic panels easy to use and the most effective.



Designed to be autonomous...

Our system is unique in that it is completely autonomous and does not require any electrical or water connection. The robot is supplied with pressurized water by our diesel pump unit, which provides water for cleaning and moving. No power supply is required. The robots have no batteries or electronics, which guarantees exceptional reliability!

…and duplicable in operation !

The hydraulic technology used means that 2 robots can be operated in parallel on the same pump, duplicating cleaning capacity on the same site.

Picto puzzle

Pick & Clean


  • No additional infrastructure to install
  • Adaptable to the size of the photovoltaic modules
  • Automatic cleaning without guidance
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Pro Cleaner

  • A cleaning speed of up to 19m/min
  • With a 2m brush + 2,200m2/hr/pass
  • A high performance brush for optimal cleaning of cells and frame edges, whatever the dirt
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Maximum reliability

  • A hydraulic motorization that avoids the use of electronics: simple, unique and efficient
  • Low water consumption: from 0,25L/m2

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A complete set of equipment

  • A trailer that integrates water tank, demineralization, high pressure unit, hoses and accessories… everything is provided!
  • A team of dedicated engineers to accompany you on your specific projects


How does the cleaning robot work?

Each row of panels is cleaned in two successive rounds. At the end of the cycle, the robot automatically positions itself on the rolling support, which then allows it to be placed in front of the next row. Two operators are required to control the robot. No robot handling is required.

Thanks to our unique technology, our robot is also the fastest and most water efficient.

Support systems for WetSlider robots

Trailer with HP diesel pump

When no electricity or water supply is readily available, this trailer is the solution. It comes with a polyethylene water tank from 2 000 to 3 000 liters and a high pressure diesel pump. This can be towed between the plant aisles by any car. Other tank capacities are available upon request.

High pressure diesel pump

Pompe diesel haute pression

Our cleaning robots are powered by a high-pressure water pump that provides the necessary flow for cleaning and moving.
With our high pressure diesel pump, no electrical connection is required. The pump is 100% self-contained and simply needs to be connected to the low pressure water. Electric drive pumps are also available upon request.


Our rolling rack is used to easily move the cleaning robots from one panel to another. After cleaning a row of panels, the robot ends its run on the carrier. Then the operator manually moves the rack to the next row and starts the robot for a new cycle. The stand also allows the robot to be stored between use. 



Dedicated to large tracker power plants, in single-module configuration (1P/1V), between 1.6 and 2.2 m

Robot de nettoyage centrales solaires au sol - WetSlider

Hydraulic motor for exceptional reliability & cleaning speed up to 0.32 m/s

PPH inverted brush & HP dispersion nozzles for perfect cleaning

Mechanical end of row & change of direction stop

Handles for easy installation & row change operations

High pressure water supply hose for moving & cleaning

Use cases


Solar plant characteristics

  • 54,3 MWp powerplant
  • 321,500 PV sqm
  • 1 V configuration –2 m length


    Existing semi automatic truck mounting cleaning operations not suitable for tight PV rows (accessibility issues)


  • 1 x 4-meter AX Solar « Wet Slider » Robot
  • Less than 12 days cleaning operation with 10 operators
  • Preventing a +317k$ annual loss in electricity production due to soiling

Solar plant characteristics

  • 13,7 MWp powerplant
  • 82,000 PV sqm
  • 2 V configuration – 4 m length


    Inefficient dry robotic cleaning + need for a multi-site cleaning system


  • 1 x 4-meter AX Solar « WetSlider » Robot
  • 1-week cleaning operation with 3 operators
  • Preventing a +75k$ annual loss in electricity production due to soiling

Solar plant characteristics

  • 50,2 MWp powerplant
  • 304,400 PV sqm
  • 3 V configuration – 5 m length


    Existing water based manual cleaning operations taking more than the contractual 24-days commitment, with 25+ operators


  • 2 x 5-meter AX Solar « Wet Slider » Robot
  • Less than 10 days cleaning operation with 8 operators
  • Preventing a +290 k$ annual loss in electricity production due to soiling
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